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View Vent Rite Barotrauma Venting Tool
JRV1 Vent Rite Barotrauma Venting Tool
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Vent Rite Barotrauma Venting Tool

The Vent-Rite fish venting tool will allow for the efficient passive venting of an over inflated swim bladders while preferably eliminating or substantially reducing the loss of life for the reef fishes. Venting the swim bladder allows the fish to overcome surface buoyancy and at the very least swim downward and return to its bottom habitat. This venting tool is lightweight and has an easy-to-use pushbutton unlock and an automatic locking feature for safety of the spring loaded retraction and extension of the protective needle sheath, and a lanyard attachment point for loss prevention.

  • Engineering grade plastics that protect it from harsh marine environments and corrosion.
  • Soft grip handle for simple, safe, and comfortable use.
  • Needle & inner spring are made of high quality stainless steel.

The Vent-Rite was designed with you (the fisherman) in mind.

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